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Upgrade your workplace wellness with personalized corporate
health checkups, growing a culture of healthy lifestyles
through tailored solutions.

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Corporate Wellness

Choosing a Healthier

Strengthen your benefits policy with Corporate Wellness programs.
With Medibharat’s assurance of 100% curation and utilization, empower
your employees for optimal well-being and productivity.


Benefits & Features

Access exclusive fitness challenges, expert advice, and interactive events
to stay motivated and connected.

Accessibility and Convenience

Employees access the Medibharat app for convenient, anytime wellness benefits, boosting productivity.

Comprehensive healthcare services

Get virtual consultations, therapist access, comprehensive healthcare for prompt employee care.

Personalized Wellness Plans

Customized plans cater to employee needs and budgets, promoting cost-efficiency.

Cost-effective Solution

Cost-effective corporate wellness services maximize employee health, satisfaction, and savings.

Improved Performance

Companies can improve overall productivity, reduce absenteeism, and enhance job performance.

Enhanced Recruitment

Providing a wellness service through Medibharat’s platform can serve as a valuable recruitment and retention tool.

Corporate Wellness

What’s new
with Medibharat

Medibharat provides everything your team
needs for preventive, primary, and emergency
healthcare in one convenient platform.

Specialist doctors near you

Access trusted doctors from various specialties across multiple hospitals.

Coverage for your team and their family

Offer your employees and up to five family members access to top-quality telehealth services in India.

Low Costs on medical expenses

Receive discounts on all medicine purchases and save on diagnostic tests.

Keep track of employee satisfaction

Get monthly reports detailing your usage and satisfaction scores provided by employees.

App Features

Access top corporate wellness services for better health, ensuring
optimal healthcare through fitness with just a few clicks.

Quote Requests

HRs simplify quote procurement for GHI, GPA, and
GTLI policies, saving time and enabling comparison.

Coverage Overview

Examine the detailed terms and conditions of the policy
coverage to fully understand its provisions and limitations.

Claim Intimation

Employees can notify claims and upload necessary
documents for claim processing purposes.

Value Added Services

The range of value-added services comprises outpatient
department (OPD) benefits, teleconsultation, health
alerts, and home healthcare facilities.

The process

Creating Stronger
Teams is Now

Get access to our corporate wellness services is a breeze!
Follow four simple steps to seamlessly connect with our
experts and enhance your well-being journey.


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More than just exercising, corporate wellness comes with social interaction which improves overall wellness. Promoting teamwork and motivation for a healthy and collaborative lifestyle.

When we look at corporate wellness, its activities promote team spirit and bonding between them, creating workouts more enjoyable and encouraging the whole team towards their fitness goals together.
Medibharat’s platform provides mutual support which promises team members to hold accountability for their commitments to fitness.
Get advice from experts and personalized fitness plans that sync with your personal needs and goals in the corporate wellness community of Medibharat.
Regularly engaging in social fitness will return you with rewards which help you to stay motivated in your fitness journey and track your progress towards your fitness objectives.
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Coverage for
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Establish a culture of employee satisfaction with Medibharat Benefits.

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