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Keep your employees healthy and happy, and take the stress
off your head as an employer. Medibharat’s health insurance plans make
it easy for everyone to get the care they need.

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Select Medibharat for flexible, transparent, and
personalized employee benefits, ensuring optimal choices
for your organization’s health insurance needs.

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Select the perfect benefits for your team from a variety of choices.

Efficient Benefits Selection

Discover, enjoy, and maximize the accessible benefits for your team.

Effortless benefits Management

Digitally manage employee benefits and save hours monthly. No more sheets or emails.

Efficient Claims Support

Effortless claims assistance, delivered with compassion and understanding, makes your experience hassle-free.

Journey of an Insured

Navigate through Medibharat’s streamlined process: Provide details,
select the best option, make payment and access benefits, promising
comprehensive coverage for your well-being and peace of mind.

Easy Signup

Register effortlessly by providing the necessary information for personalised insurance solutions.

Choose the Best Options

Explore diverse insurance plans and select the most suitable one from the best available options.

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Complete payment, download insurance documents and access the benefits portal to begin utilising coverage immediately.


For Employee

Empower Your Health Journey

Streamline HR tasks effortlessly and empower your workforce with comprehensive insurance and wellness benefits, all in one place

  • Instant support for employees’ emergency
  • Quickly enroll employees in benefits
  • Gain unlimited teleconsultations, gyms, check-ups
  • Access Mental Health & Wellness Services Easily
  • Engage in regular wellness workshops

For Employer

Simplify Your Employee Healthcare

Access personalized healthcare solutions, mental health support, and engaging workshops for a healthier, happier you

  • Employee Self-Service Portal
  • Countless healthcare add-ons
  • Effortless employee onboarding
  • Easy employee enrollment

Empowering Coverage for Your
Team’s Well-being

Medibharat offers comprehensive group health insurance, group personal accident insurance, group
term life insurance, and top-up insurance, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.

Group Health Insurance

A group health insurance plan provides complete medical coverage for people employed within a company. Typically offered as an employee benefit, it safeguards against medical or hospitalization emergencies for the complete employee group. Unlike individual plans, group insurance is cost-effective, extends coverage to family members, and easily covers pre-existing conditions without waiting periods.

Such kind of collective approach promises affordable and inclusive healthcare for employees and their loved ones, growing a feel of security and well-being within the workplace community.

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Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident insurance – a shield against unexpected scenarios. Issued by organizations, this policy protects you and your group from accidents, covering hospitalization and disability expenses. Just imagine the relief of being financially protected. With Medi Bharat, ensure your employees’ peace of mind, highlighting your commitment to their well-being.

Our structured insurance provides strong support during difficult times, covering all accident-related expenses for complete security. Receive financial aid during temporary disability, following terms, to make up for lost income. In the event of accidental death, the nominee receives the full sum insured, assuring peace of mind during challenging times. Protect yourself and your team today.

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Group Term Life Insurance

Group term life insurance (GTL) provides strong financial safety and security to employees and their families in case of the insured’s death, covering a group of people inside an organization. Employees also have the flexible option of nominating beneficiaries for benefit receipts. Organizations have an important role in determining coverage amounts and additional features.

Other than considerable investment in employee protection, some organizations may lack strong and comprehensive coverage. Investing in group term life insurance is a more intelligent and cost-cutting move towards promising continuous employee safeguarding and controlling financial risks for both employees and their families.

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Super Top Up Insurance

Super Top-up insurance upgrades your health coverage by offering extra protection, available for both you and your family members along with your current plan. The premium may vary based on the deductible you choose, which is the amount you pay out of pocket before top-up coverage activates.

Literally provided by insurance brokers, these plans extend your existing insurance, providing personalized coverage to strongly meet your needs. Affordable options for super top-up insurance ensure comprehensive protection without financial strain. Streamlined claims processes promise hassle-free access to benefits and support when required.

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24 JAN 2023

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Voices from those who
know us best


We hereby certify that M/s. Bharat RE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd., is our Insurance Advisor handling Group Mediclaim Insurance since 2008. Our employee group size is around 9000 families and the total number of lives including dependents is 27000 (approx.) We are completely satisfied with the service rendered by M/s. Bharat RE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.,


We wish to place on record your contribution in respect of handling our insurance portfolio from the identification of the risks, placement with the proper insurance companies till receipt of claims.We have found that after entry of Bharat RE our work has been greatly reduced, especially in the areas of documentation and follow-ups.


We are happy with your risk analysis support and inputs that we have benefitted from. The reports you have given and the discussions we have had with you, have been very meaningful and useful in talking decision in our projects. Wishing Bharat RE a great future ahead!!


Your team has done an exemplary job in streamlining and handling our insurance requirements.


Bharat RE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. Are our insurance brokers for past seven years. Their contribution in stabilizing our Insurance Program is more than significant and with their PAN India reach they have completely catered to our requirements at National Level. Their guidance in Claim Settlement is Precise and Services are efficient.


We highly appreciate contribution of Bharat RE Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. in designing our Insurance and Risk Mitigation Vertical. Their services in Risk Management and Claims are Excellent and Solution are tailor-made to suit the requirements of the specific project.


We wish to place on record your contribution in respect of handling our insurance requirements from identification of the risk to placement with the insurance companies.
We have found that after entry of Bharat RE to handle insurance, we found improvement, especially in the areas of documentation and follow up. We wish you success in your new growth expansion plan.